Dave’s Music #126 Chain of Lakes – Catch (Kyle Rasche)

Figured after two solo women artists in the reviews, I needed a guy.  Kyle Rasche was on my mind meeting face to face recent FARM conference, and had interviewed him as a finalist in the Great River Folk Fest contest.  I would be remiss if I didn’t go back to his May 2022 released album Chain of Lakes “The Catch Album”.  I guess I bought the release only 3 days after release, so I’ve left it simmer for awhile.  Before I usually write a review post, I tend to google to see if someone has put up a review.  I hit the jackpot with Straton Set List’s review and quotes are taken from the article.  Kyle the hard working songster had used the pandemic to write and write and write; many times with prompts until he had 30 to 40 songs to pare down to the 11 on the release. 

“Catch” the title track will be the go to on the cd and Kyle describes his ball throwing Grandpa as, 

“I have very vivid memories of my grandpa in gold-toe dress socks hiked up past his knees just playing catch with me. That story’s a mix of who my grandpa was and the grandpa that I want to be, and right now, it’s more acutely the father I want to be,” said Rasche, who was named a finalist in the 2021 Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition for the title track.”

Of course He also puts in the line that Grandpa did laugh his ass off..

The lefty daughter at the end of the song is the subject of “Honest” and Kyle says

“In the lyrics he sings, “Girl, we get that minivan jammin’/I think we both trail off in the very same way/And I’m loving how you wail on the wall during your bedtime songs/Lost and gone to some stage.”

“I hope Annie loves that song, and I called that song ‘Anz Bananz,’ but got talked out of that. I want her to be able to claim that song if she wants to,” Rasche said. “As she gets older, I hope that she continues to get that message about me understanding exactly what she’s going through.”

As a parent, children go in cycles of loving and hating parents… she’ll love you for the song Kyle.

Just as you look to your father reverently with beautiful imagery in “Fathershaus”  Going from the cabin to the guitar to the mirror.

Of course I bought the album for “Brave Marie”  Ballads connecting history are always a favorite of mine if they are done right, and this one is perfect likely because the chorus has a great and easy to sing along.  I didn’t catch until the FARM conference that Kyle had Sav & Katie from The Accidentals do the string arrangements.  That is one Michigan GOLD duo, and shows up wonderful on this song.

Let’s end this review with the last song that comes in with silence, 

when all this is over
they’ll want to know
how did we do
and we’ll all shine a light on better times
and cast shadows on a few

when all this is over
they’ll all want to know
where you stood
and who behind
and who that put right beside you

will you be proud of you?
who will be proud of you?

I don’t know but someone should be proud of a heck of album.

At FARM my wife would let me lead her around to the music that I wanted to hear, and we made a couple workshops with Kyle.  I told her he’s a lot like a young James Taylor but shorter.  So why not add a bonus song, a JT cover:

And here’s where I found out the Accidentals were on album, but of course at the bottom of the bandcamp lyrics the song credits are on them.. Duh.

I didn’t hit on every song, but really Bandcamp will let you stream the record.  Go for it, you’ll want more and likely buy it like me.

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