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So I have started the process of listening to many of my old cassettes in search of a tape I made from Simply Folk of Paul Cebar covering “Sunglasses After Dark”  I told him if I found it I’d send him the MP3.  Dang this is a long process, because I was not good at marking down what was on the tape  Many of the tapes are also recordings from my vinyl and cds at the time, because for most of my life I’ve been doing playlists.  I ran into “Good Ole Boys” written by Bob McDill but the recording by Don Williams is price list.  I can be accused of listening a lot to female voices, so why not a playlist of some good OLD boys that are mostly my age but not just all their hits but songs that “mean a lot to me”  

1) Good Ole Boys – Don Williams

2) Migration – Jimmy Buffet

Thinking old, how about one from one of my all time favorite vinyls AIA… he even talks about his favorite singers Murphy, Walker & Willie and all those old farts in Florida in mobile homes.  Love that these old video exist on YouTube… studio version is better to listen to, but how can you beat having the intro.

3) Egg & Daughter Night (Crazy Bone) – John Prine

From John’s last studio record and is probably one of my favorites, no crazy bone I believe is a double entendre song.  Leave it to John to be a little horny yet in his old age. Yep I knew Oh Boy Records had the music in Bandcamp.  John has likely felt like an outsider to the rest of the music industry for a while and he got shafted that year when he didn’t win a 2019 Grammy for this marvel.  Brandi is good but I don’t even own these songs and I bet she voted for John if she had a chance.  So dumb, sure they gave him two after he died for a song that wasn’t his best.  A-holes run the Grammy’s.

4) Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Dylan is one of my all time favorites and I love that he reinvents songs continually, he even did that to this song on the same vinyl “Planet Waves”  I believe he’s made some money on this song over the years.  So I don’t feel terribly bad that my version in the playlist was recorded from a bootleg YouTube video of his unique “Shadow Kingdom” (look it up, it’s almost worth a blog post itself)
Wikipedia describes the song: “Written as a lullaby for his eldest son Jesse, born in 1966, Dylan’s song relates a father’s hopes that his child will remain strong and happy. It opens with the lines, ‘May God bless and keep you always / May your wishes all come true’, echoing the priestly blessing from the Book of Numbers, which has lines that begin: ‘May the Lord bless you and guard you / May the Lord make His face shed light upon you.’ Not wishing to sound ‘too sentimental’, Dylan included two versions of the song on the album Planet Waves, one a lullaby and the other more rock-oriented.[1]

In notes on “Forever Young” written for the 2007 album DylanBill Flanagan writes that Dylan and the Band ‘got together and quickly knocked off an album, Planet Waves, that featured two versions of a blessing from a parent to a child. In the years he was away from stage, Dylan had become a father. He had that in common with a good chunk of the audience. The song reflected it. Memorably recited on American television by Howard Cosell when Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight crown for the third time’.[2]

As luck would have it, if I recorded the song off the movie, this person clipped out the video to share:

5) Clay Pigeons – Blaze Foley

A song I always thought was John Prine’s until Luke Callen (young pup) did it live and credited Blaze.

He died way too early.

6) The Old Hickory Cane – Norman Blake & Peter Ostroushko

RIP Peter.

7) Rye Whiskey Joe – Bill Staines 

How about the late folk legend singing about an old hobo legend?

Oh my searching YouTube for this song had me finding myself doing it.  Back then I put in a lot more effort to my cover videos.  I took my recording equipment with me to Manitowoc and while Lori was with her mom and sisters, I recorded both the guitar and banjo tracks to the song.  All that effort means I have to share this 8 year old video.

8) Too Much Seconal – Johnny Winter

Oh my his acoustic blues were always my favorite; at least Johnny lived to 70 before he died in 2014.

9) Ghost of Good Old Days – John McCutcheon

Ha John is the name of the Johnny Winter album shared in the song before, “Still alive and well”  I think it’s fitting though we talk about the ghosts of good old days though in this playlist.

10) Oh My My – Leonard Cohen

So many songs to pick from, I don’t think this one gets enough play.  I’d love to share this video for the song, but maybe because of license issues they don’t allow embedments.  There is a way around it.  You click on the picture and it’ll take you to YouTube to listen:

11) Call it a Loan – Jackson Browne

While I own all these songs, the spirit is loaned to us for our short time on earth.  This song among many of the Jackson tunes set a setting in my mind of stories and people that can’t be shared in the blog.  Here’s hoping you all have songs like that.

So sweet, here he is singing for NPR; and I just love to hear music without a drum track.

12) Ole Slew Foot – James McMurtry w/Joe Ely

Here’s your one click playlist for the music in YouTube.


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