December – Time for the first of the month quiz – plus – A colourful Christmas Salad

As we welcome December, the twelfth and last month of the year, it’s time for the first of the month quiz. I’m only asking seven questions; I hope you may have a go at answering them.

1. What is the birth flower for December?

Daffodil   Water-lily   Carnation   Holly

2. What is the birthstone for December?

Sapphire   Turquoise   Ruby   Diamond

3. Where does Father Christmas live throughout the year?

Lapland   England   Russia   Antarctica

4. How many reindeer does Santa have?

8   9   10   11

5. Which number month of the year was December originally in the Roman calendar?

9   10   11   12

6. Which country gave the world the tradition of the poinsettia as a Christmas flower?

United Kingdom   United States   France   Mexico

7. In what year was Bing Crosby’s recording of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” released?

1938   1942   1946   1950

How did you do? Do write down your answers at home and come back tomorrow when the answers will be revealed. 😊

~ and now for a delicious recipe suggestion ~

Christmas Salad

this is a colourful lunch or dinner starter

it’s light and bright, and made with gorgeous smoked salmon, avocado and clementines

you can see more details/recipe here

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All the best Jan

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