Demi Lovato’s Triple Punk Rock ‘Fits Serve Hellfire Club Vibes

Demi Lovato has officially deemed it a punk rock summer. Ahead of the release of their new album, Holy Fvck, the star hit the promotional circuit, donning multiple punk-inspired ‘fits.

The week of rockstar-ready OOTDs started over on Instagram. Posing for a grid carousel, Demi was outfitted in a leather and plaid look. Their normally short hair was styled in a shaggy cut, complete with parted bangs. 

Demi’s red leather jacket set the tone for the ‘fit, and was coordinated with a plaid skirt and bright eye makeup. Beneath the jacket, Demi wore a black top with skeletons. Their skirt also featured a few patches and frayed ends. 

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Demi’s punk ‘fits continued with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. This time, Demi ditched the skirt for black pants paired with combat boots. They also switched up the color of their jacket, wearing a black coat covered in pins and patches. Chain detailing was noted on the jacket, as well as Demi’s pants. 

The Jimmy Kimmel appearance also came with a wig, as Demi suffered a facial injury shortly before taping. Attempting to cover up their stitches, Demi wore a shoulder-length bob wig. They also added red lipstick, which perfectly matched the graphic on their tee.

Punk rock ‘fits week also included a look that combined some of Demi’s recent fashion faves. While out and about, Demi was photographed in a black leather jacket with studded detailing. Beneath the coat, they wore a white top with an upturned collar, and the look was finished off with a plaid miniskirt. We know the Hellfire Club is pretty strict about its membership, but Demi’s looks are definitely serving Eddie Munson vibes.

Based on their most recent looks, Demi is definitely entering a new era. Their new album officially arrives on August 19, and Demi has spoken at length about the importance and impact of this work. “It’s a body of work that’s unapologetically me, and I can’t wait to perform it on tour for you,” they wrote in a recent Instagram post.

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