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By Diabetes Staff

One concept that makes diabetes a bit easier to manage is the “ABC of Diabetes.” Each letter represents an integral part of dealing with the condition:


A = A1c Test: The A1c is the bedrock test for determining how close your diabetes stays to the current ideal blood glucose range of between 6.5 mg/dL and 7.0 mg/dL. It provides a snapshot of your average blood glucose levels over 90 days. (The recently introduced “time in range” test complements the A1c by providing a look at how many times your blood sugar levels were beyond or below the ideal range.)


B = Blood Pressure Control: High blood pressure can be either a precursor to diabetes or a result of diabetes. Uncontrolled blood pressure places undue strain on the cardiovascular system in either case. For people living with diabetes, the condition places one more burden on the body.


Diabetes doctors increasingly recommended that people with diabetes acquire home blood pressure testing kits. Pharmacies offer such kits, which are easy to learn how to use. Since most units record your blood pressure measurements, their data is a big help to your healthcare providers.


C = Cholesterol Control: Millions of people sighed with relief when they learned that not all cholesterol was bad and that there was “good” cholesterol.


However, there is still LDL (low-density lipoproteins). The “bad” cholesterol can lead to plaque buildup in arteries and increase the danger of heart attack or other cardiovascular problems. This is especially true for people with diabetes whose condition can already pose risks to the heart from inflammation of the body in general.


Keeping this “ABC” in mind makes it easier to remember some essential components of effective diabetes management. 



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