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If you’ve ever been to Disney or thought about going to Disney, you have probably encountered Disney stroller rules. After all, it’s a vast park that requires a lot of walking to get around.

It can be exhausting for parents but downright impossible for little ones. This makes things like a stroller wagon seem necessary or the best double stroller for Disney an absolute must.

However, Disney stroller requirements are very real and very enforceable thing. Not every stroller passes the test. If your ride doesn’t meet requirements, it won’t be allowed in the park.

The best way to avoid this awful situation is by learning all about Disney stroller guidelines before you go. That way, they’ll be no unhappy surprises in the “happiest place on earth.”

Disney Stroller Rules You Should Know

People visiting Disneyland in California - Disney stroller rules - Baby Journey
Knowing the Disney stroller rules beforehand will help you be more prepared for your Disney trip with a baby or children.

Did you know that most people walk around seven to ten miles each day at Disney? Not to mention Disney World is located in Florida and Disney Land in California; both are very hot states. The walking and the weather make a stroller essential for families.

But how do you know which ones are allowed and if yours doesn’t meet regulations, will they really not let you in?

Is Disney Strict About Their Disney Stroller Policy?

Can you bring your own stroller to Disney world? Yes. Can it be any stroller? No. Disney is pretty strict about their Disney stroller restrictions. In 2019 their stroller policy became even more stringent.

What are the Disney Stroller Requirements?

There are two essential things to know. First the Disney world wagon policy. If you’re wondering, “are wagons allowed at Disney world?” the answer is no. The same goes for “wagon strollers.” So, if you’re looking for Disney wagon rules, you won’t find them because there is no such thing as a Disney-approved wagon.

A family on vacation with a stroller - Disney stroller rules - Baby Journey
Disney’s policy is for health and safety measures.

The second thing to know is their regulations about all other strollers. Part of Disney stroller regulations is the Disney stroller size requirements. These state that a stroller cannot be bigger than 52 inches in length and 31 inches in width. Disney put these in place in an attempt to cut down on traffic jams within the park and keep people moving smoothly.

Disney parks stroller parking also could become very crowded with large strollers, so limiting the size helps to make more room for all park goers. The good news is that there are no Disney double stroller rules, but the bad news is that your double stroller must still meet the Disney stroller measurements.

Some parents may find themselves wondering, “what if I have a family member who is disabled and needs to use a disability stroller or medical stroller?” Your special needs stroller should abide by these guidelines too. Thankfully, though, Disney has been known to make exceptions. Such as if your stroller is used as a wheelchair or your stroller design is medically necessary for your child during their Walt Disney World visit.

These strollers have a slightly bigger size requirement, 36 inches in width and 52 inches in length. Before entering with your special needs stroller, you’ll need permission from Guest Services. If they approve you, they’ll give you a red tag.

This special tag allows you to enter the park and for your wheelchair to board a ride that allows manual wheelchairs within the ride car. In most cases, Disney parks are still not making exceptions for wagons, even if they are used for a special needs individual.

Finally, while not necessarily a rule, your stroller must be able to fold. The Walt Disney Company does require that all strollers be folded on the trams and other forms of transportation like Disney buses.

Often, these types of transportation are necessary if you’re staying at the resort hotel or visiting waterparks and theme parks that are far away from one another. So, while your stroller may meet the size requirements to enter the park, it won’t be permitted on the tram if it cannot fold.

What Strollers are Allowed at Disney?

The best stroller for Walt Disney World is one your child loves and meets the Disney requirements, size measurements, and easy folding. You may be surprised that many strollers fall into this category, including:

Single Strollers:

Double Strollers:

There are actually a wide variety of strollers that meet the requirements. Just double-check before you go.

What Strollers are Not Allowed at Disney?

These strollers don’t meet the requirements:

You’ll note that many of these are either doubler strollers or stroller wagons. This is because it is much harder for double strollers to meet the size requirements at Disney.

Often they are either too wide, such as in the case of side by sides, or too long, as is usually true with tandem strollers where one child is seated behind another.

What if My Stroller Isn’t Allowed?

The good news is if your stroller isn’t allowed, you aren’t out of luck. You can rent a stroller directly from Walt Disney World or from a third party. Some parents prefer stroller rental because they don’t have to worry about packing their stroller on the plane.

Additionally, if your stroller gets stolen, lost, or damaged while at the theme park, it will only be a rental, not your favorite stroller from home.

Though your own stroller is familiar (and free), renting a stroller isn’t a bad idea if it’s within your budget. Especially because Disney stroller rentals are guaranteed to meet the requirements at Disney World, Walt Disney World resort, Disney springs, and virtually all other Walt Disney Company ltd locations.

Map showing Disney stroller rental locations at Walt Disney World. - Disney stroller rules - Baby Journey
Some of the Disney stroller rental locations at Walt Disney World. Source: disneyworld.disney.go.com

There are various Disney stroller rental locations onsite, or you can often find nearby stroller rental companies offering both a single stroller and a double stroller. However, many of these stroller rentals suit children only up to fifty pounds and are not suitable for infants.

It’s true; bringing your own stroller can help you save money, as a rental stroller will add a few dollars more to your budget. However, it is guaranteed to meet the requirements, and you may not feel as stressed leaving it in stroller parking areas.

As long as you bring a well-stocked diaper bag to the park that includes your necessities, renting one of Disney’s strollers is an excellent option for those who won’t or can’t bring their personal stroller. For Disney lovers, remember that you usually cannot decorate rental strollers like your personal stroller.

Other Stroller Considerations

If you do decide to bring your own stroller, remember that you will need to check it on the airline flight. When you arrive, your stroller will need to be folded on the tram or bus. If renting a car, ensure that your stroller can fit in the trunk with all your luggage. If not, you may need to size up to a bigger vehicle.

When you get to the park, there is a separate line for stroller security. In some instances, it can be slower moving than those who do not have a stroller at Disney World.

If you rent a stroller, you’ll need to pick it up and drop it off at each park. Your rental stroller cannot leave the park even though they are all Disney world locations. Aside from Disneyland, which allows it in the park, and Disney California Adventure.

Don’t Test Disney’s Stroller Policy

Hopefully, you’ve learned quite a lot about strollers at Disney World. If you are planning to visit one of their theme parks, knowing what single stroller, double jogging strollers, and stroller wagons can and cannot enter the Walt Disney World resort and theme parks are essential.

We recommend always checking the stroller’s dimensions before you pack it for your trip. But remember, if you decide bringing your own stroller sounds like too much of a hassle or it doesn’t meet the requirements, you can always use Disney stroller rentals or a stroller rental companies that offer options that meet the stroller sizes required by Disney so your Disney experience won’t be hampered by Disney world stroller rules.

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