Dua Lipa’s UGG Boots Have Their Own… Piercings?

Dua Lipa, what’s going on with your UGG boots? The musician shared a handful of pics of time with her family on Instagram, but one, in particular, made us pause. 

In the photo, Dua is seen in the back seat of a car, wearing a green and yellow floral print chiffon jumpsuit with lace-up legs and bell bottoms and layered with a sage green cardigan. On her feet, she wears a classic pair of tan shearling UGG boots, except hers have… piercings? 

Screenshot. Courtesy of Dua Lipa/Instagram @dualipa

On closer examination, the boots appear to be studded with a series of metal loops on the shearling fold-over section and on the boot itself, giving it a slightly menacing texture. (Not going to lie, I had a visceral reaction to this look.)

Were Dua Lipa’s boots customized by the musician herself, or did her stylist get creative? According to Vogue, it’s none of the above. Dua’s UGG shoes are part of a collaboration between the brand and British fashion line KNWLS. The studded shoes walked the runway at their spring/summer 2023 show, which means Dua probably spotted them on the runway and immediately nabbed a pair for herself before they were available to the rest of us. (If you are looking for the style’s name, they are the UGG® x KNWLS Classic Tall II Boot.)

Stuart Wilson/BFC/Getty Images

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