Easy Butternut Squash Curry – Holy Cow Vegan

In this easy and creamy butternut squash curry, cubes of succulent squash bathe in an Indian-inspired, beautifully spiced coconut curry sauce. The curry recipe needs just one pot, 30 minutes, and mostly pantry ingredients. This is a vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free recipe.

Creamy butternut squash curry in copper serving pan with spoon.

This divine butternut squash curry is one of my favorite fall recipes. It has so much to offer, with loads of nutrition, an incredible interplay of spicy, tangy, sweet flavors and — importantly — easy prep, easy cooking and easy cleanup.

I am a big fan of curry, thanks to my Indian roots, and I know so many of you love easy curry recipes too, like this fantastic vegetable curry, this spicy mushroom curry, and this delicious chickpea curry.

Now add to that list this easy butternut squash curry, which is just as yummy.

I like getting help where I can, especially on busy weeknights, so I usually make this butternut squash curry with pre-cut organic butternut squash cubes I buy off the shelf. That cuts down prep work to a fraction, but if you want you can definitely cut your own butternut squash. You will have to factor in an additional 10 to 15 minutes for that.

Try this recipe over a bed of brown or white rice for a delicious, truly satisfying meal.

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