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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Western Cape says it “welcomes with jubilation” the news of the disappearance of the Nobel Peace prize that was bestowed on late apartheid president FW de Klerk.


News24 reported that it was allegedly taken during a burglary at his home in Fresnaye in Cape Town.

His wife Elita confirmed the theft to the publication and explained that it was difficult to place a financial value on the items taken. She also said that the robbery took place in April this year.

When she returned from an overseas holiday, the safe was almost empty.

“On 5 April, I went to the safe and the safe was open. I had returned from an overseas trip on the fourth, so I remember the dates. Unfortunately, the safe was nearly empty,” she told the publication.

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De Klerk did not deserve Nobel Peace Prize

“We are of the view that De Klerk should have been stripped off that Nobel Peace Prize and criminally charged for war crimes whilst he was still alive,” said the EFF in a statement on Wednesday.

The EFF said he never deserved the award because he presided over a system that orchestrated the murder of many of the country’s heroes and heroines through massacres, assassinations as well as black on black violence.

Heinous crimes against humanity

According to the party, not only did his government commit these heinous crimes against humanity, but De Klerk denied knowledge of these gross human rights violations committed under his presidency.

“It is not true that De Klerk unbanned political parties and leaders who were incarcerated on Robben Island out of the goodness of his heart, but he knew that the writing was on the wall and apartheid was not sustainable and furthermore his days were numbered.

“He knew that apartheid had created a conducive environment for a civil war and this war would be a war of all against all (Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes). He also knew that numerically they (white supremacists) were outnumbered as black people collectively fought back to re-claim that which was stolen from them, the land.”

Remove street names after De Klerk

The party has also reiterated that the Nobel Peace Prize should have been bestowed on all the victims of De Klerk’s and has called for the immediate removal of any street names erected in his remembrance.

Life and Death

De Klerk was the president from September 1989 until May 1994, and was instrumental in the negotiations which saw the former liberation movements unbanned and South Africa’s transition to democracy.

He died last year ago after a battle with cancer.

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