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Pop rock Goddess and viral hitmaker Emei has just unleashed her new single “End of an Era” off of her just released debut EP of the same name. “End of an Era” captures what we know and love from Emei, a contemplation of growing up to a soundtrack of catchy indie pop.

With “End of an Era”, Emei goes through all of the learning experiences and heavy emotions that come from growing up. From dread, hesitation, impatience, frustration, and even regret, Emei shares her experiences in a highly relatable and witty way that is sure to make the listener feel understood while they sing-a-long. With lyrics including “The last time we get high / watching Pixar on school night / on nights like this I don’t wanna grow up,” Emei is aware that the transition from teen to adulthood is near and she is nostalgic and sentimental. “End of an Era” ends with hope though as a confident Emei sings “End end end of an era / God it’s sad/ But we’ll be fine.” She knows the transition won’t be easy but in the end everything will be ok. Musically, “End of an Era” is an upbeat alt pop single filled with crisp acoustic guitars, vibrant bouncy beats and an undeniably infectious hook.

Emei is an exciting brand new artist on the rise. Beginning her solo project just last year, the artist has already garnered a fervent worldwide fanbase. Listen to “End of an Era” now and remember the growing pains of getting older.

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