This emerging artist duo is banging! I would go so far as to say, BOY2K is beyond hot with pop potential! By way of introduction. They are a collaboration between the LA-based songwriter and producer Boy Apocalypse and the alt-pop recording and visual artist Boy Untitled. Their debut EP, “B2K” just came out this week. It features hot takes on three chart-topping songs by the duo. The tracks BOY2K has electrified within an inch of their lives are; “Waiting For Tonight” (JLo) and “Touch It” (Monifah). Lastly, the iconic Dirty Vegas dance track “Days Go By” completes the trio.

After diving in on these new reimaginings. I can confirm to the EQ Music Blog readers “B2K,” is an EP you will want to play blasted out aloud. That above all. There is undoubtedly no way other of consuming this fierce electro-dance-pop offering than turning up the volume and allowing the walls of your home shake a little.

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You know how some cover songs are overproduced beyond all recognition of the original track, “B2K,” is not one of these. A noticeable essence of the familiar has survived. This is not to say that what BOY2K has achieved with stamping their distinctive style has not been carried out without thought and consideration on their part. Furthermore, these songs are updated to the point of stunning, where they could easily each become future classics on their own. There is truthfully something distinctive and electrifying about them. Magnetic even.

To quote the press release,

“After meeting at a show in 2019, the pair began making music together. Eventually resulting in the birth of a collaborative project. As a duo, these artists are on a mission to make music that celebrates radical queerness and challenges assumptions about what (and who) dance music is for”.

I like what I hear from this duo. I hear strident electro-pop with an earworm-worthy twist.

Connect with BOY2K
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boy2kmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boy2kmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boy2kmusic/

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