Emily B x Roman Marin x Andi Vax

Emily B x Roman Marin x Andi Vax Deja Vu is available on SoundCloud, Deezer, Something Out There Records

by Walter Price

Grab your legwarmers, dab on your glitter lipgloss, and gather up your fellow Goonies, Emily B, Roman Marin, and Andi Vax have dropped a dazzling retro synth-pop track aptly titled “Deja Vu”. And if you’re not immediately transported back to 1985, maybe you’re not paying attention.

In a quote from Emily B, sent to the GTC, she shares the time-traversing backstory, “I wrote the lyrics about the similarities between now (2022) and the 1980s, specifically 1985 -(Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’ was released. This year (2022) Stranger Things set in the eighties features Kate’s track to save one of the main characters for a dramatic finale of series 4 putting ‘Running Up That Hill’ back in the charts in the UK and all over the world in 2022). Other similarities between now and the eighties are the Cold War and this year’s Ukraine/Russia War, synthwave pop music is very popular again and Eighties-inspired fashion is back on the High Streets.”

This multicultural collaboration is the follow-up to the swirling dancefloor gem “Something Out There” and the good times steeped in the zeitgeist difficulties and connectivities remain. And one thing that is an absolute, regardless of international boundaries, wars, and mind-numbing political strifes…Emily B & Co are making breezy groove-heavy dance tracks that’ll take you back to a time— when things seemed a bit more carefree. Or were they…

You can stream “Deja Vu” ft. Roman Marin + Andi Vax, here at the GTC.


Deja Vu

Emily B Photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of Emily B PR

Emily B // Andi Wax // Roman Marin

“It’s my absolute favourite song I’ve ever written & recorded so far….‘Deja Vu’ is OUT today 💜 Co-produced by Andi Vax (@andivax) & Roman Marin (@opmastering). Can’t get enough of those synths – gorgeous work guys …. This track means so much to me – it’s truly magical…we are sending our love ❤️ to you Andi, stay safe…..🇺🇦 To everyone in the world ‘we should be making music, not war’ – Emily B (facebook)

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