Evan Mock Never Leaves The House Without This $35 Accessory

Pandora ME just announced the Gen Z collective with a brand new collection and the group they’ve chosen to represent the generation is absolute squad goals. Gossip Girl‘s Evan Mock and Euphoria‘s Barbie Ferreira as well as singer-songwriters Ella Mai and Gracie Abrams will be the faces of the new jewelry collection. Along with being the global ambassadors for the new launch, each of the four starlets got a chance to design their own pieces.

The collection from Pandora is the first to include 14K gold plating, creating a more elevated and luxe feeling to the brand’s already popular jewelry. The edits for each of the four ambassadors represents their own personal styles; Barbie’s edit includes a mix of silver and gold chains that feel luxurious, Ella’s pieces has some pearls embedded in, Gracie’s plays with cute visuals to create a perfect Y2K look, and Evan’s edit leans more skater style, with stackable and mixable pieces. The playful and bold pieces are now available for purchase now in store and online.

Teen Vogue caught up with one of the ambassadors and everyone’s favorite skater boy, Evan Mock, to understand a bit more about the unique new collection and why the Gossip Girl actor, along with the three other Gen Z trailblazers, are the perfect fit for a collection that values creativity and self-expression.

Teen Vogue: What’s your favorite part about this collection?

Evan Mock: There’s not really any limitations to it. Say you have three different pieces, you can decide whether that’s an earring, or a bracelet, or a necklace. So, if you have four of the same bracelets, you can make it a necklace or a choker. You can attach things to your earring, you can make it longer. It can go from ear to ear. I think my favorite part about the whole collection, besides the design aspect of it, is the fact that you can pretty much make it your own in any different way. And, you know, more times than not, you won’t have the same thing that someone else has if you mix and match. So, that’s the cool aspect about it.

TV: What do you yourself value about self expression and uniqueness? Especially when you’re using jewelry, how do you use it to express yourself? Or any other accessories for that matter?

EM: I feel like it depends on the outfit, but I feel like it’s an essential player. It’s a part of the whole package. In most cases, it elevates your look or elevates your style and makes you look more blingy, which I like to look like. I feel like it just depends how you want it to be perceived. You can keep it more low-key, with a little bracelet or a little earring. Or you can just go crazy and dress to the nines. Bracelets, rings, earrings, choker, longer chain, and it’s one of those things that’s the nice little cherry on top, when you feel like you’re wearing something cool.

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