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Exercise can be used as a stress reliever in many ways. From improving self-confidence to helping you sleep better at night; exercise is a beneficial way to help control and reduce stress. Read below what benefits can come when including exercise into your daily routine:


  • Increased endorphins: Endorphins are the “feel good” neurotransmitters of the brain that releases a chemical in your body to help relieve pain and reduce stress. An increase in endorphins can give you the feeling of what most people call a runner’s high, which can help boost your mood and self-esteem. Examples include going on a hike, playing a competitive game of basketball, or doing an at home workout.
  • Mood improvement: In many ways, exercise can get your mind off the stress you may be experiencing. Going for a run, swimming, or lifting weights are great ways to increase your endorphins and experience those “feel good” feelings. This works by your mind being more involved in the workout you are doing rather than the stressor. And if you keep consistent with your workouts, your mood can improve from seeing the progress you’ve made through your workouts. You might notice your clothing sizes going down or seeing muscles becoming more defined.
  • Feelings of success: Many times, stress is about the unknown of whether you can do something or not. Getting into a good workout routine or finishing a workout that is outside of your comfort can give you a sense of accomplishment. And with that accomplishment can come feelings of wanting to do more to experience that again. Overcoming obstacles is a great way to relieve stress as it results in self-assurance.
  • Set small goals to reach BIG goals: Practicing small goals throughout your exercise can help you set achievable goals throughout life. Sometimes life can seem overwhelming and if goals are set too high, it can become too stressful. Setting small goals to reach your main goal is a more reachable approach that provides less stress. Utilizing this throughout your workouts is a great way to practice this approach as well. For example: running. If you’ve never ran before but want to start, you should start by blending walking and jogging together in intervals to get your body adjusted to this movement. Then eventually transition into jogging and running to build your stamina.

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