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Artist Feather has released his sophomore EP, “We Are For Each Other,” which features collaborations with artists such as Sintra, Lockbox, SEGØ and many more.

The 6 track EP center around the idea of artistic harmony and elemental influence, as the producer’s style is rooted in diversity. The EP delivers something for everyone, aiming to establish the Feather project as a staple of dance music in a market dominated by country music combined with soulful and energetic lyrics and upbeat yet euphoric drops.

Feather told us “While still making music on my own, I began to experiment in collaborations with other producers making similar music. Working with another producer (and artist for that matter) incorporates a whole new influx of ideas and influences and inspiration that can be very tricky to navigate. There is a lot of trial and error through attempting to work together (and learn if you are even capable of working together) as well as delicate sacrifice and compromise to try and make the best possible track you can with both parties leaving feeling creatively proud and fulfilled. Through working with many of these other artists I’ve been able to try new things, experiment with new sounds, techniques and genres and most importantly grow as a creative – learning what is and is not a good fit for me and the musical future of this project.”

Enjoy it below.

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