When a baby arrives at home, everyone is so excited to welcome the baby wholeheartedly. Especially, when it comes to their mother she is super excited due to her huge happiness in life. Every mother takes very good care of her newborn and in the starting 6 months, she only can give her milk. After 6 months, the baby can take solid items as well in which not too many things are included.

The mother will prepare a mixture of liquid or solid, which can buy from the market or it can be prepared at home too. Over time, when the child starts to grow there will be more items added to the child’s meal. The mother will look at the different methods for the diet of the newborn. To get information about the baby’s first foods she will look at the mother of her same stage with newborns.

The mother mostly likes to prepare the meal with mashed and boiled food items, for example, boiled eggs, and mashed Bananas. There can be many more flavorful things and healthy nutritious food items, that can be added to the child’s diet plan. During this phase, the mother may search for different variety of foods that her baby can easily digest. Especially, the mother will follow the special diet plan for her child provided by the doctor. Which will be beneficial to her child and easy to make as well.

Baby’s First Food

If we talk about the first baby’s experience of eating so, the baby starts eating after 6 months of birth. During this time the stomach of the baby is strong enough and the baby can digest easily. Dr will require a light mixture of mashed things with milk.   During this period, you cannot skip the milk, the baby will drink milk as well.

In addition to milk, the baby can take baby food, mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, and boiled mashed eggs. The doctor can also recommend the fresh fruit juice in a small quantity. Fresh fruit juices are considered healthy and nutritious for babies. All these juices contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the health of the baby.

First Feeding Experience of Mother

For a mother this experience is very energetic and powerful, she always wants to make different variety of healthy mashed meals. She will be active and keep on thinking about today’s diet plan for her newborn. She also feels very comfortable at the same time because she will be internally satisfied with her baby’s homemade diet.

A mother always feels happy while making her first baby food with her hand. This satisfaction will create amazing positive energy in the mother, she can happily and easily do every task for the little one after that positive energy. During this period mothers should try to ask other moms about their diet plans for infants. So that, she can get an idea about her own child’s proper diet plan and she cannot face any complications related to food.

Special child diet plan

When your child starts to eat solid food items so, you have to follow some special diet chart or diet plan to provide a healthy meal. Here are a few special food meals, that you can prepare easily at home without much effort.

Iron Rich Foods

First of all list all the essential and healthy food items, especially iron-rich foods. In the beginning, foods rich in iron are very important for your child. In which, vegetables are on top. Boil some veggies like spinach and broccoli, make a fine paste of it add some boiled mashed potatoes with a pinch of salt. Give it to the baby daily in small quantities.


Similarly, make a fine mashed mixture of boiled potatoes and boiled mashed eggs with a little bit of salt and black pepper. It will be very light and easily digest able for kids and also much better in taste. Let’s introduce new foodsto the baby chart andSet this recipe in your diet chart as well, regularly make it. potatoes are a good source of high fiber which is very good for the stomach and digestive system. Same eggs are rich in protein, magnesium, and iron which is a high source of energy.


Similarly, a multi-grain mixture is also very helpful for the better growth of the child and is easily digest able. so don’t worry about the healthy meal just mash it well and give it to your baby on daily basis. It contains multi vitamins that are very essential for your child’s better development. Do not take stress for your first baby food and make it at home comfortably to feed your baby in front of your own eyes


You can make a fine paste of fruit puree as well in which, every important mineral and vitamin will be included. Especially, mashed bananas and boiled mashed apples with a little bit of honey for sweetness and taste.  

Complications Related to first food

A mother may face different kinds of complications related to the first food of the baby. She may not find any specific healthy meal after a lot of research. There can be many items that can not be easily digested by a baby. So, sometime it will turn out complicated process to find out nutritious first baby food.In this situation, she has to consult with a family doctor for more recommendations. Another problem that she may face will be related to the child’s eating nature. Many healthy items babies don’t like to eat and always try to avoid and run away from. Mothers in this situation will face difficulty and have to do hard work for the hunger of the baby.


The result of this researched-based article shows that the first eating experience of the child is not only connected with the child but the mother also. The mother will face more difficulty while deciding and making a diet plan for the baby. She has to manage her child and the child’s meal preparation process on daily basis. At the same time, she will focus on the domestic task and all the favorite food items of her baby.

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