“Flares” – Trueman and the Indoor League

Trueman and the Indoor League have quickly established themselves as a stunningly good and enormously entertaining live band in just a short space of time. Their set is filled with songs of everyday life and kitchen sink dramas. I can see why they have often been compared to Pulp, but they are so very much more than that. There is immense talent in their performances and in the songs and lyrics. Now to add to their already legendary live performances this Pound Shop E Street Band (who said that?) have released their first single. It is one of their many live favourites, “Flares”. This is a great tune that evokes memories of shitty nightclubs with sticky floors across the UK. Lyrics like “Let’s go to Flares, It’s only fair, Call an au pair, Let’s go to Flares, Right now” are simple and yet sublime genius. Only a decent British band could record songs as great as “Flares”. The video to accompany the tune is rather ace and at times very funny too. If only MTV hadn’t disappeared up its own arse, this would have been a surefire MTV classic on regular rotation. If you haven’t seen Trueman and the Indoor League play live yet, then you need to rectify that NOW! I am really looking forward to the first Trueman and the Indoor League album. Can we also campaign for this band to write and perform the next UK Eurovision entry in Liverpool in 2023?

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