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This band has earned, quite naturally, a level of trust from me. I see the name Fold pop up, and I just trust that after clicking play, I will meet a song that has the power to make me think.

A lot of songs focus on individualistic lives that become an example that one may or may not be able to relate to, whereas some songs touch on something a little more universal. The latter approach is the one that this Leeds-based band takes again and again.

Their new track, “Sustain,” is no different, as they explain:

We looked back at all of the voices on our records and realised that two people have left us in that time: bell hooks (she insisted on lowercase) and Michael Ruppert.

bell hooks was a ‘trailblazing writer, activist and cultural theorist who made a pivotal contribution to Black feminist thought.‘ She also taught us why we should choose love. Mike Ruppert was an investigative journalist and whistleblower who devoted his life to facing difficult truths and helping people to understand why our geopolitically dominated world is leading us towards both environmental and societal collapse. Although these two may seem an unlikely pairing their vision of how to move our troubled world forward was much the same: communities sustain life. This has also been our most important learning.

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