FR3SH TrX & XEDM Share New Single ‘Taipeh’

German producer Sven Hessel a.k.a. FR3SH TrX has teamed up with Taiwanese newcomer DJ & producer XEDM to deliver a killer piece of Future/Bass House music called Taipeh. 


What I like the most about this song is its euphoric, feel-good atmosphere and how it instantly gave me the urge to get up, close my eyes and surrender to its hypnotic melodies. Taipeh is dedicated to the hometown of XEDM, Taipei. This song combines both the modern and colonial aspects of the city into a memorable listening experience. It combines tradition and modernity featuring a pulsing beat, lush, expansive synths and siren-esque vocal snipppets that together create a high-energy, feel-good atmosphere perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!


I’m a music lover and I want to share with the world the new artists and songs that I like.

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