Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons “Lay To Waste” (2022)


Author of the Command & Conquer music, a keen nostalgic staple from my childhood to present day, Frank Klepacki brought renewed excitement to his classic soundtracks during the games 25th anniversary remastering. Best of all, he united with tribute band The Tiberian Sons, breathing new life into old songs. Hearing them go it alone on The Only Winning Moon was an unexpected pleasure! Have linked up again, these four original songs feel several steps removed from the origins of their collaboration.

Lay To Waste is a mismatch of fun, energetic ideas. Swaying from the meaty Industrial grit of C&Cs assailant glory to gleaming surges of joyous metallic melody, its glossy symphonies and chunky guitars fit aesthetically like a glove. A bold complimenting force, split in direction. The misnomer lies in mood. Mischievous aggressive riffs underwrite uplifting emotive theatrics most prone to fantasy driven VGM.

 Personally, I loved both aspects, yet together a sense of ambivalence prevailed. One can hear Frank’s militant ideas blazing along but frequently they meander in tone from war and destruction to might and magic fantasies as strings and tunes take reins from the rhythmic brutality presented beforehand. Its a strange dichotomy that has eased with familiarity and repetitions yet still dominates the directorial feeling. The opening Gun Metal makes a half baked attempt at incorporating explosive sounds to the mix, then its main theme gets handed off through a string of these instrumental pivots.

Its been one of the stranger encounters on this musical journey. I’m
left unable to pick a favorite track as every song sways between
contrasts. Its the swaying that makes me seasick. Taking the analytic
hat off for a moment, its a fun set of songs pounding with energy and
vibrant noise. Plenty of twists and turns along the way! A tight curation of ideas not outstaying its welcome. It will be a matter of time to see how often I return to these tracks as I do love to with their previous material.

Rating: 5/10

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