Free 2022 Holiday Planner

Plan ahead for the holiday Season to enjoy what matters most without sacrificing your health goals


One of my favorite people to follow online is Dawn Madsen of the Minimal Mom. She helps me stay motivated to declutter my house and keep things more simple wherever I can. She has brought so much value to my life!

Recently she created a Holiday Planner to help Moms minimize the stress and overwhelm of the holidays. I was so impressed with her planner. She inspired me to create someone specific to bariatric patients for the holidays!

This Holiday Planner is a free offering to the bariatric community this holiday Season!

If you are a current email subscriber, you should have received the planner via email already!

If you aren’t a subscriber or you haven’t seen the email come through 👇

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Save the Dates: Holiday Topic Live Calls for Premier Access Members

live call dates with bariatric food coach members for the 2022 holidays

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