Going Back Home with Charlie Berry

Charlie Berry serves up a whole lot of nostalgia in his newest single It’s Still Here. The country track details memories from the past and reminds listeners that, while you can leave home, home never truly leaves you.

Do you remember that sidewalk where you and I wrote our names in a heart? Do you remember the stop sign that I ran the night I wrecked my car? It feels like a million years but it’s still here….

Berry goes on to describe the feeling one gets going home after a long time. How it hits you ‘like a bullet’ when you cross back into your hometown. All of the memories that the local parks, stores, restaurants, etc. hold from your childhood thrown at you all at once.

“I grew up in Dallas and then I played football at SMU, so I can’t go anywhere in that town without remembering a story, a friend, or something that shaped who I am,” Berry explains.

For more on Charlie Berry, visit www.charlieberrymusic.com and follow him on social media @charlieberrymusic.

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