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This divine golden milk or turmeric latte is the perfect drink for the season. It warms you from within, warding off colds and infections while boosting the metabolism, thanks to the star ingredient, turmeric. Taken just before bedtime, it helps you sleep better. And this is not just a super antioxidant, anti-inflammatory beverage; it is also superbly delicious with the alluring flavors of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and saffron.

Golden milk made with oat milk and spices in cups and saucers with spoons.

The first sign of the sniffles would send my mom scurrying not to the medicine cabinet but to the kitchen, to cook up some turmeric milk or haldi ka doodh. It was the best medicine a kid could ask for –warm, soothing, sweet and infused with the aroma of spices.

Now, in my home, I often stir up turmeric milk for my family during cold and flu season, although I confess I often make it just because it’s so tasty.

Turmeric, as we all know by now, has some amazing health benefits and one of them is its ability to fight infections. Turmeric milk harnesses this amazing antioxidant power of turmeric and amplifies it with other warming spices, including cinnamon and, sometimes, ginger. It’s such effective medicine that this amazing drink has now found a global fan following and has been glamorized with sobriquets like “golden milk” and “turmeric latte.”

Every Indian cook has their own recipe for golden milk, but here today I want to share with you a recipe that is uniquely mine and yet quite authentic. It sticks close to the drink’s ayurvedic roots, is utterly healthful, and stunningly delicious. If you make a cup, I promise, you’ll be back for more.

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