Google Doodle honors Haitian American model, activist Mama Cax

Feb. 8 (UPI) — Wednesday’s Google Doodle honors the the modeling career and activism of the late Cacsmy Brutus, also known as Mama Cax.

The New York native, who was raised in Port-au-Prince, lost her right leg after a battle with bone and lung cancer when she was a teen.

She went on to become a fashion model, walking runways with the help of a prosthetic leg and blazing a trail of representation for women of color with disabilities.

Brutus reached the pinnacle for her career by taking part in New York Fashion Week shortly before her death from blood clots in 2019.

In honor of Black History Month, artist Lyne Lucien created a portrait of Brutus as radiant and smiling, while wearing a crown and gown with a skirt that seemed to be made out of ocean waves and showed off her prosthetic leg.

She is surrounded by waterfalls, trees and flowers, a nod to her Haitian heritage.

“I understand Mama Cax to be resilient, vibrant, funny,” Lucien said in a video about her artwork.

“She is someone that I admired. She left a legacy for Haitians and many people in the disability community and I want people to see her light.”

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