The pain in teeth is so painful and can hurt too much, when it comes to a baby it can hurt deeply and pathetically. Babies are so sensitive and their teeth are also, especially when they are about 6 months or 1 year old. During this growing phase, their teeth also begin to grow and that time is very critical and painful for the baby.

The baby will feel severe pain in the mouth, and teeth and may face irritation issues during these toothache days.It can be a disturbing situation for not only the baby but the mother will be also disturbed. Mother during this time tries to divert the mind of her little one through various methods. She also takes the baby outside the home to make her child happy. This piece of writing will elaborate on the reasons for it and the feelings of the baby during teeth growing age. At the same time, we will discuss the treatment of tooth pain with various ways of teeth pain relieving.

Reasons of Toothache

  • The main reason behind Baby teeth pain is the dentition process of the baby. These specific days are very painful until the teeth properly grow. The baby will feel restless and feel irritation during these days.
  • If the child fell somewhere and suddenly tooth or teeth broke.It will create a high level of pain and bleeding as well, your child needs a doctor urgently at that time.
  • Another reason can be tooth blow or infection inside teeth due to the unhygienic attitude of the baby. If your baby doesn’t brush regularly, it may cause such a situation.

Feeling Of The Baby During Teeth Growing Age


During the pain, the baby will be so irritated and the mother will also feel the worst situation for her little one. Every house member will feel the pain of the baby and try to divert their sweet child’s mind. Mind diversion will happen through making noise around him or giving toys to the baby. So, that he/she may forget the pain and start to play with toys.

Anger issues

It will be another issue of tooth pain, due to severe toothache a child can show his deep anger. Your baby may react badly to you and other people to show internal anger. Baby tries to break everything around and even grabs the hair of the mother to show her anger.

Sleepless Nights

Due to severe tooth pain baby will not take proper sleep and your baby will spend a disturbed night. You have to take care of your little one during the night time and try to cover the pain on an urgent basis as prescribed by your dentist.


Babies are susceptible and can feel every pain very deeply, when it comes to toothache it hurts so badly. No matter, if the pain is from dentition or it is a bacterial infection, both are very dangerous. The pain can remain for many hours or even the next day and sometimes it leads to headaches.

Less Appetite

Toothache can create many adverse effects on a child’s health especially since babies can not focus on meals due to severe pain. During these days mother should try to give a proper meal in a liquid form at a normal temperature. Even she can put juices of fresh fruits in the feeder and give the child. At the same time don’t Skip the treatment of toothache and regularly give medicine to your child.

How Can We Overcome The Baby’s Tooth Pain?

Visits To Dentist

For quick relief from pain, you have to take your child to the dental hospital or any dentist clinic near you. The dentist will check your baby properly and tell you about the real problem of teeth pain. He may recommend some medicine for teeth pain relief and some kind of baby syrups. He will tell you the recent situation of the baby’s teeth and write down the name of specific baby toothpaste also. Some other special safety measures mothers should also apply on daily basis so, that no kind of fungal infection problem will appear. Through the Adoption of such precautions, you wouldn’t have to need to go to a doctor. Try to cover the problem before toothache and before going to a dental surgeon.


The urgent pain relief option is to take medicine quickly, you should give your child dentist-recommended medicine to your baby. It will work in an emergency case when pain is not recovering and worsens with time. The medicine will work as a pain killer or it may decrease the swelling inside the baby’s jaws. If there is an infection of bacteria, which is the reason for pain so, the doctor may recommend dental surgery. if your child is not too little, you should do that surgery or root canal treatment. Maybe a doctor will suggest tooth filing as well after checking properly from the inside.

Home Remedies

If the pain is getting worse at night time and there is no dentist available outside, you can do home remedies. Yes! The mother should be more aware of the teeth pain relief solution at home. It can be done through various cooking items inside your kitchen.

Take 1 cup of warm water, add a pinch of salt to it and use it for gargles more than 3 times. The second option is to take 1 clove piece and put it inside the toothache place for half an hour. it will quickly remove the pain or suddenly decrease the level of pain. The third option is to use some special pain relief toothpaste during pain. Just apply to teeth and leave for 5 minutes after that wash teeth with warm water.

Mind Diversion therapy

If medicine has been taken for pain relief, after that you should try mind diversion therapy for toothache. Through that make

 your child busy with some other activities like giving favorite toys and try to change your baby’s mind. It will be very helpful therapy, he will soon forget about any teeth pain and will feel good. Similarly, switch on the television in front of the baby and show him/her favorite cartoon show.

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