Halloween Tips For People With Diabetes

What are some suggestions if I’m entertaining at home?

The good thing about throwing a Halloween party yourself is that you can always ensure there are plenty of healthy options to counter the sugary ones. Some options include bowls of nuts, cut up vegetables with hummus or bean dips, whole-grain crackers, fibre-rich fruits, lean meats or even mugs of pumpkin soup. Here are more appetizer ideas.

To limit the focus on food, put extra effort into decorating your house or yard. Host a costume party and offer prizes. Have children and other guests carve pumpkins or make Halloween crafts. Or have someone dedicated to face-painting or leading fun activities such as a Halloween-inspired scavenger hunt.

It’s always better to focus on the friends and family who are celebrating together, rather than what you can or cannot eat.

If you’re heading to a party on Halloween night where the buffet may tempt you, eat a healthy meal at home with protein and fibre to keep your blood sugar steady and your stomach full. If you need to sample the food, opt for the complex carbs that will give you more lasting energy and take longer to break down in your system (e.g., whole-grain crackers, healthy dips and fibre-rich vegetables and fruits). Be sure to go easy on the alcohol too which can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels.

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