Harry Styles’s Latest Look Is a Major Departure From His Usual Style

Of course, the inspiration behind the suit was rather more niche than cops and patrolmen. The slick two-piece comes from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci spring/summer 2023 collection, entitled Twinsburg, and is inspired by his “two mothers,” Eralda and Giuliana. 

On the Milan runway, Harry’s strict two-piece was modeled by two identical twins as the creative director explored the concept of identity. For Harry, who lives a parallel existence as one of the biggest singers in the world and a private 28-year-old trying to keep his normal life under wraps, this duality will perhaps have struck a chord co-ord. 

Courtesy of Vogue.

As a house collaborator, Harry Styles might be obliged to wear the latest Gucci collections, but the cross-cultural and decade-spanning references of his friend Alessandro never feel forced for a man who likes to send a message with his fashion. From Grease tributes to experimental merman costumes and pared-back red-carpet looks, there’s no crime in keeping us guessing.

This story originally appeared in British Vogue.

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