…head’s under water, SIERRA BERNAL A Good Time

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by Walter Price

Drinking reality away is a time-tested baseline for many a country song. And up-and-coming Texas singer-songwriter Sierra Bernal’s “A Good Time” takes a drive down that familiar road. Although she isn’t particularly breaking new ground with this track, there’s certainly something brewing in this burgeoning singer’s country-pop sound.

To get to know more about Bernal, her bio is quoted, “CMA Member and Texas-born Country artist Sierra Bernal is a Southern Belle with Texas grit. As an entertainer, vocalist, musician, and songwriter with a love for storytelling who is quickly changing the landscape of Country Music, her talent earns her the ability to hold her own among veteran artists.”

Time will tell if Bernal will change the landscape of country music, but if this single and other offerings from “Fixing My Sugar Honey Ice Tea” have anything to say about it, with the right people behind her and as her fanbase grows, well, yeah, it completely possible that she finds her way to the top.

Get in from the start of this promising career and stream “A Good Time”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Michael Shea // Bio quotes via sierrabernal.com

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“Sierra’s musical journey began when, at age 5, she stated that if she couldn’t be a crocodile hunter (yes, just like Steve Irwin) she would become a Country Music Artist. At age 10, she overcame a case of stage fright to sing an a cappella version of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” in a talent show. Stunning the audience into silence as they listened, the thrill of being on the stage set in and she was hooked.” – bio

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