Hessa Drama Keeps on Coming in New “After Ever Happy” Trailer

A new After Ever Happy trailer is here, and if you thought the tortured, romantic, over-the-top adventures and intrigues between Hardin, a reformed bad boy, and his true love Tessa were over, you’d be wrong. The star-crossed couple is back for another installment in the After franchise, the final(ish) chapter in their story.

The movie’s first full-length trailer just dropped and, in true After fashion, things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows for our beloved Hessa. There’s drama, and plenty of it. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin return to their roles as the madly in love pair, though we find Hardin and Tessa navigating a rough patch in their relationship. The trailer opens with Tessa discovering Hardin has been writing a book about their relationship, which she’s not super thrilled about. 

We also see hints of Hardin’s old demons, with Tessa saying she can’t save him unless she can work on herself too. It looks like the two are going through some growing pains, and if we know anything about the After franchise, we know that they’ll probably fight passionately and make up just as passionately. (There is a steamy shower scene in the trailer because it wouldn’t be After without it.) We also know that the title of Hardin’s book, After, was inspired by how much his life changed after meeting Tessa; he says as much in the final seconds of the trailer. Aww!

After Ever Happy is the final installment in Hessa’s story, but it’s not the final-final film of the franchise. A prequel about Hardin’s life pre-Tessa and a sequel about their children are in the works, so it would appear that the couple finds their way back to each other at the end of After Ever Happy.

After Ever Happy hits theaters on September 7. Don’t forget your tissues!

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