Hip Hop Meets Alt Pop in Southern California. – Introducing poam: kites

Something about “kites,” the latest track from poam pulled me in right away: it’s smart, it’s groovy, it’s unexpected. This trio of friends from Southern California likes to throw a little bit of everything in the mix. At different times mining their vibes from underground hip-hop, indie soul, electronic, and commercial pop, you could just call their music a funky mashup of hip-hop and electronic alt pop and you wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

“kites” takes a small step into the lofi realm as well, matching a simple guitar riff with a bold bass line and some big vocal hooks. This mesmerizing track explores the vast realm of less-than-optimal communication, and that intensely relatable desire for someone to ‘see you as you are,’ not how they want to see you. With only a handful of tracks to their name so far, this young band shows a generosity of both intensity and range. I am hard-pressed to think offhand of another band with such an enticing early collection of songs. Keep your eye on poam, their music has the kind of undeniable composure that could see them get tapped by a heavyweight like Jack Harlow as an opener at any moment.

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