How Each Zodiac Sign Connects With the Fall Equinox Differently

Mabon — perhaps better known to most as the fall equinox — is a pagan holiday and when day and night are equal amounts of time. It’s one of eight Sabbats for Wiccans throughout the year. In the northern hemisphere the fall equinox occurs when the sun shifts into the zodiac sign Libra on September 22. The equinox is a turning point — at this time, we honor the earth, harvest, and circle of life. The days are getting shorter and the air colder. At this moment, we celebrate the peacefulness and love that is in the ether and around us. It’s a reminder of the importance of gratitude and joy that’s in our lives.

There are, of course, many ways we’ve probably already celebrated the coming of fall, from the notorious pumpkin spice latte to a shift in wardrobe. But the equinox is an opportunity to really bask in gratitude for the new season. Instead of simply sipping a PSL, consider one of these fall equinox rituals based on your zodiac sign to ring in the new season.


You have a personal habit of taking some of the amazing things that life has to offer for granted. Therefore, you should make a gratitude list to remind yourself about how fantastic your life is. Embrace the positive energy of the seasonal shift and enjoy the merriments that life has to offer — all of which will be made possible the moment you express the greatness.


You could use a spiritual cleansing right now. Doing so will open you up to the psychic realm and allow you to see situations more clearly. Also, it’ll take the weight off your shoulders by helping you to get rid of your frustrations (if you choose to) and lean into a chill state of mind. Try cleansing your aura with mugwort, frankincense, or lavender to detox your energy. 


Being the social butterfly that you are, you’ll find that the best way to celebrate Mabon and the fall equinox is to throw a party. A bash in honor of earth will keep the natural spirit and harmony alive and thriving in the months to come. Serving seasonally inspired food and games will ensure that everyone has a scrumptious and lovely time at your festivity.


Honor your ancestors by lighting a white candle and sharing stories about their lives. Give them a candy that they used to like (leave it by the white candle) to let them know you’re thinking of them and sending love to them. By acknowledging their memory and celebrating their life, you’re keeping their energy alive which is why they will appreciate you.


Your generous heart can’t resist giving presents to those you love and adore. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to give gifts to your crew and family during the fall equinox. Whether or not you pick something to give that is sentimental or more like a gag is up to you — your peers will think it’s fabulous because you gave it to them.


Take a moment to yourself in the middle of the day to reflect on the past. Make a cup of tea, go outside, grab your journal, and let your emotions flow out of you. Being that Mercury is currently moonwalking, it’s a great time to get deep and sentimental. The process of pouring your heart out will be challenging and tender, but ultimately rewarding and healing.


Leave an offering of a piece of harvest bread with raisins, honey, or a small cup of milk outside for the friendly spirits who are at play during the equinox. They’ll be extremely grateful that you’re paying them reverence and showing them gratitude for all that they do for you (granting your wishes and putting your intentions into play from the astral realm to earth).


Treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Put a dash of cinnamon, Epsom salt, orange peels, and mint leaves in a pot with three cups of water. Boil the ingredients, then strain them out of the pot and throw them away. Once cooled, pour the tincture over your shoulders in the shower while manifesting your seasonal visions. This bath will ensure that your dreams come true.


Dancing solo or with friends to your favorite songs is a great way to get the blood flowing and to feel the universe’s energy fill up your solar plexus. The stimulation will help your body destress and become full of vitality and energy. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and a wonderful way to honor the earth, as well as the changing of the seasons.


Apple picking with friends and family is a seasonal activity that can bring loved ones together. It will allow you to feel as though you’re a part of something that’s exciting while connecting with the intention of  Mabon. Also, you can bake a yummy pie or two with the fresh apples you just picked for everyone to enjoy.


Embrace your charitable and philanthropic side. Being that you are a giver and have a humanitarian nature, you’ll find solace and comfort in organizing a canned goods and clothing drive (get more creative if you would like) among your neighbors. 


It’s time that you got into the seasonal spirit! Transform your home with seasonal decorations, such as dried leaves, pumpkins, squash, pinecones, and dried flowers. Changing up the energy by adding organic ornaments made in nature all over your dwelling allows you to embrace your chameleon-like vibe, as well as try out a new look at the home front for the months ahead.

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