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Over the years, YouTube has shown to have incredible potential by allowing content creators a platform where they can upload almost anything and contribute to society. Some of the most popular content on Youtube tends to be in the educational or entertainment categories, and the latter is where content creator and influencer DieTim

comes in. 

DieTim started his life on the internet making online content more than 7 years ago, and he quickly became known for his prank videos. DieTim was one of the first people in the Netherlands to come up with prank videos, which was one reason for his success. He made videos on Snapchat before moving over to YouTube. 

Due to his persistence, DieTim did not give up on making content despite going through hard times. As a result of his relentlessness, he now has more than 400,000 subscribers on Youtube

Moreover, DieTim has also dived into the fitness world, and he now has his own sports supplements as well as his own gym. He has found it fulfilling to help people stay in shape and keep fit. DieTim also likes to entertain people with his funny quotes as well as funny sketch videos on his social media. 

DieTim explains that he was able to start his own venture into the fitness industry through his 400,000 subscribers, and because of that, he could launch his own sports supplements. His documentary trended at number 1 on Youtube for one and a half weeks. A lot of his entertainment and prank videos have also ranked number one. 

DieTim started some Youtube series, including “All You Need Is Tim,” “Tim Zegt Sorry,” and more. These have contributed greatly to his success on Youtube and gaining more followers. DieTim is also creating Youtube content for his company, Gogo Reizen. 

Besides Youtube, DieTim is also active on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TIkTok. On Instagram, DieTim has an incredible following of more than 314,000 people. He shares before and after pictures of people getting fit, prank videos, and other engaging content. He has more than 37.7K followers on TikTok with more than 553K likes. DieTim is also active on Snapchat.

When mentioning mistakes, DieTim says he made a few and was afraid he would never recover from them. However, his persistence allowed him to come back stronger. DieTim also mentions that changing his name from Snapking to DieTim was a scary moment for him—he feared he would always be known by his former name. 

When sharing words of wisdom, DieTim says, “Think carefully before you put something online on the internet because everyone can always find or save it, and it will be very difficult to have it removed everywhere.” DieTim also talks about surrounding yourself with the right energy. 

When looking at the future, DieTim wants to continue doing his work, especially in the fitness department. He wants to expand his gym and eventually have thousands of members. He also wants to motivate and encourage people, all while still making entertaining videos. 

DieTim also aims to push his supplements further out in the market across the Netherlands and also internationally. 

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