How To Haunt Your Ex, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Netflix’s Boo, Bitch is the ghostly high school series that we’ve been waiting for. Not only does this comedy star our favorite Taurus actor, Lana Condor, but it focuses on a teen whose life is cut short and the lengths she’ll go to in the afterlife to make sure she is able to live out her teenage dreams. 

That means… haunting her friends, family, and fellow classmates. While we don’t condone stalking, harassment, or other abusive behaviors, we can’t help but wonder what a little light haunting might look like IRL, especially when it comes to the exes who haunt our memories. How would your sun sign craft their approach? Dive in below, and get ready to scream “boo, bitch” at your ex — but exercise your newfound power with caution.


Yes, you can be hot-headed at times and make rash decisions — which is why it’s best to avoid calling them when you’re upset to yell. Instead of coming from a place of extreme passion, take a step back and try to be chill. Being aloof and indifferent is the answer to your problems. Remember, deep breaths in and out. This will send shivers down your ex’s spine and make them want to win you back.


You’re not one to confront others — especially a former paramour. The best passive way to get revenge on your ex and haunt them is to remain friends with a mutual acquaintance of theirs after the breakup. Feed this person tidbits of information that highlight your wonderful life with the intention of it getting back to your old flame. When the news comes their way, it’ll give them goosebumps knowing how well you’re doing.


Odds are that you never fully let your exes go, thanks to your friendly and forgiving demeanor. If you really want to get under their skin, the best way to get attention is through pure radio silence. This means not looking at their IG stories, responding to their texts, or checking in to say “hi.” Within a few weeks of being uncommunicative, they will realize that the vibe is off and obsess over your quietness.


You are known to hide your feelings from everyone, so the best way to haunt your ex would be complete honesty and openness with them. Let them know how you felt about the relationship and why you’re happy to move on. Sharing all the tea will have an impact on them, which could take a while to mend. Your ex will begin to question their behavior during your relationship and ponder their emotions.


Show your ex what they’re missing via confident Instagram selfies. As the likes multiply and lovely comments triple, they’ll question whether it’s proper ex-iquette to share an emoji or tap the like button. Regardless of what they decide to do, they’ll be haunted by the fierce and beautiful pics you posted — and also wonder who else might be commenting.


Since you are always on good terms with all of your former loves, you may want their help to haunt your current ex. Connect with the ex who came before them. You don’t have to have an ongoing relationship with them, but you can tag them in a photo or two on social media to get the wheels in your most recent ex’s mind turning.


Libra, you’re always composed, and you don’t show your emotional side often. Telling off an ex will have a extreme effect on them because you aren’t one to overly share your sentiments. TBH, they won’t even know what to say and search for the right words to calm the situation — which they probably won’t be able to do. Now, you can close that chapter knowing that you said your peace and spoke your truth.


You can get lost in your deep emotions. Love can be sincere, endless, and intense — until it’s not. When you stop feeling all the feels for your ex, you can take on the opposite effect of your passionate emotions and become stone cold. This translates to harsh blocking on social media, email, and all electronic devices. They’ll have a strong reaction of being cast out of your life from the boundaries you set.


If you’re wanting to haunt your ex, the best advice is to never end the friendship that exists between you both — but tone down the intimacy factor by 75%. That way they can stand on the sidelines while you attain fabulousness and are cheered on by the people who love you. Chances are that they’ll want to have you back as a main character in their lives when they realize they lost you.


Accomplishing and conquering everything you set out to do will bolster your confidence in yourself — and potentially make your ex question their own path. Having that much of an effect on someone you previously dated is a baller move, especially since you’re crushing life. Feel free to brag. Share awards, promotions, and professional wins publicly on social media for them to see.


The only way to haunt your ex is to do what comes naturally to you — move towards living your best life. You won’t think twice about what they’re up to or thinking, rather spend time focusing on yourself alone. Go on the road trip you’ve always dreamed of, hang out with your besties and share the exciting shenanigans on social media, and have fun. Don’t let them dictate your life anymore. Do you, Aquarius!


Plan a casual, seemingly unexpected run in with your ex at the local coffee house when you are looking and feeling confident. Fake it till you make it — you’re sooo over the drama that broke you up. With your crew there to support you and raise you up, your ex won’t stand a chance and will see how great you’re doing without them. They’ll be pining away wondering why they ever let you go.

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