Ice Spice Tries To Go 2/2 With “Bikini Bottom”

IMG via Spotify

Bikini Bottom

Ice Spice

I thought Ice Spice was going to just keep remixing much for the rest of her career. I’m glad she decided not to.

Ice Spice’s buzz is bigger than the insects in Texas. I’ll keep it real with you, though: I learned about her very late. Matter of fact, I just downloaded “Munch” to my iTunes library today! Speaking of today, Ice decided to bless us with a brand new track at midnight called “Bikini Bottom.”

“Bikini Bottom” is a another spicy drill banger by the orange-headed Ice Spice. In it, she raps about smashing her competition, preferring to attend lit parties, and breaking records over a drill beat that sounds like it bullfights in its downtime. I do really like the flows that Ice raps with. I also like how she comes across as someone who belongs with confident deliveries. All in all, I think “Bikini Bottom” is pretty good.

Is Ice Spice forreal? B*tch, she might be!

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