Interview: Los Angeles Based Artist Adonis Faison Talks About His New Project “The Red Eye” – DOPECAUSEWESAID

Can you tell us what “The Red Eye”, the project’s title, represents, and would you say that it has an overall theme or concept?

I could say that the theme is very versatile, like if you in ya feelings on a late night drive, TheRedEye got you. You just wanna chill and relax with a good vibe, TheRedEye got u. You feeling yourself very confident, TheRedEye got you. So TheRedEye is basically a mood, a vibe.

Also, I wrote a majority of the songs on Red Eye flights, so it all just came together lol.

What prompted your move from Maryland to Los Angeles, and how has it impacted you as a music creator in regards to songwriting?

Ahh man Maryland will forever be my home but LA is the land of opportunity and you know opportunities won’t just fall in your lap, so I just took that leap of faith.

As far as songwriting goes, it’s so much inspiration here that my day to day life at this point I can make song from. I’m used to just hearing a beat and would just freestyle the song and up until now ot worked, but I feel like writing has taken me to a whole different level.

Do you plan to shoot a music video for “Medusa”, or any of the other six songs on “The Red Eye”?

As we speak, I actually am in the process of shooting a video for “Medusa” which should be dropping in Oct. The songs “Mike Lowry”, “For Me”, and “Yea Yea” will also have videos coming soon so be on the lookout.

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