Is It Just Me, Or Does M3GAN Look Like Renesmee From “Twilight?”

There are some horror movie scenes that just stay with you forever. And if the official trailer for M3GAN is any indication, that movie is going to have a hold on our brains for a long time.

On October 11, Universal Pictures dropped the trailer for M3GAN. The horror flick’s synopsis reads as follows: “A roboticist designs a lifelike doll programmed to bond with her newly orphaned niece, however, the robot becomes violently overprotective of its new friend.” If the film’s terrifying premise sounds right up your alley, then you’ll be even more satisfied with its delightfully unhinged trailer.

The robot in question is Model 3 Generative Android — or M3GAN, for short — a creepy, life-size robot that soon takes on a mind of its own. “Megan, your goal is to protect Katie from physical and emotional harm,” says Katie’s roboticist aunt Gemma in the trailer, played by Get Out star Allison Williams. A few clips later, Megan is seen pushing a young bully into the path of an oncoming car. “I won’t let anything harm you,” Megan declares to Katie. Well, she was just following orders… *gulp* right?

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The trailer quickly intensifies, with Megan providing many a jumpscare, refusing to turn off, watching from afar as a Coroner van pulls into Gemma’s driveway, and physically attacking, like, six people. But the best part of the trailer comes when Megan is seen following someone through what looks like an office building hallway. The killer robot doll suddenly breaks out in dance, body-rolling, cartwheeling, and pop-locking-jamming-and-breaking.

The scene is so randomly jarring in comparison to its ominous background music and the gory violence that follows, that it’s easily the most terrifying part of the entire trailer. Social media erupted soon after the trailer’s debut, and as noted by @PopCrave on Twitter, within only a few hours Megan was “a viral sensation.”

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