Isabelle Fries And Seth Baer Team Up For Stunning Duet I Want You For You – Neon Music – Digital Music Discovery & Showcase Platform

American singer and humanitarian Isabelle Fries and singer-songwriter Seth Baer pour their hearts and souls into stunning new duet I Want You For You. They deliver a stunning performance, and while the sound and styling may lack the glitz of more upbeat songs, it has an undeniable influence because of the honest and relatable lyrics and heartfelt vocals that shimmer with vulnerability.

I Want You For You is their first vocal collaboration, although Seth has written several of Isabelle’s previous hit singles known for their lyrics, melody, and message of healing, strength, and hope.

Isabelle and Seth issued a joint statement about what this song means to them, “Music has the power to bring people together, and this collaboration is an example. This song is meaningful to us because it puts a positive message into the world about the importance of seeing people for their heart and soul and not for their status or exterior.”

Listen to the gorgeous I Want You For You out now.

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