…It’s called manifesting baby, liv. feat. VAN PLATING The Mistake

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by Walter Price

Looking for a raw rocknroll-drenched pop song that’ll grab ya by the cojones from the get-go? Try this verse out for size, “I cut my hair in a way I know you’d hate/ And I changed your name in my phone to “The Mistake”/ I keyed your car in the middle of the day/ And on Friday night, I fucked your best friend…”

That’s pretty much the vibe throughout the recent single, “The Mistake”, from NY-based singer-songwriter liv. (Olivia Bolger) feat. Van Plating. Obviously, liv. isn’t inclined to pull any punches. And before I wax on about my thoughts on the origin story of this powerfully emotional and picturesque track, the storyteller graciously has detailed the song’s backstory for us in a candid Bandcamp post…

“I need to stress just how “not crazy” I am, especially because of this song, which probably makes me sound even crazier.

“I actually started writing this song walking down the street in Montreal while I was still in school. I was having a flashback to someone telling me that they hated when girls cut their bangs, and for some reason, that comment stuck with me. I was leaving work and I had the opening verse for the song stuck in my head, so I wrote it down on my phone and called my mom to tell her that I had this idea for a really angry song and that I wasn’t really sure where it came from.

“When I returned to my apartment, I had a glass of wine with dinner and got a little tipsy. And all of the sudden, “The Mistake” came pouring out. I couldn’t believe what I was writing– it was just so angry and raunchy and out of nowhere.”

We’ve all been there, after a few sips of the elixir that loosens the cogs, all sorts of unforeseen emotional truths come pouring out. But, not often does it sound and feel as good as “The Mistake”. And if you’re a fan of KT Tunstall, Elise Davis, or perhaps Melissa Etheridge…then liv.’s intoxicating inspiration will fit nicely into your unexpected indignation playlist.

You can stream the powderkeg “The Mistake”, here at the GTC.

liv. feat. VAN PLATING The Mistake

Artist photo by Alene Pierro // Quotes & lyrics via Bandcamp

Written by Olivia Bolger and Van Plating

Performed by
Olivia Bolger: Vocals
Van Plating: Vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddles
Liam Bauman: Electric guitar
Bryan Elijah Smith: Drums, hand claps
Taylor Ard: Bass

Engineered by
Van Plating: Producer
Liam Bauman: Mixing engineer
Eric Broyhill: Mastering engineer

website // facebook // instagram

You said I’m crazy
It’s called manifesting baby
You say you hate me
Cause I made a demonstration
Oh foolish you for what you
put me through
You wanna play, well baby,
Do you think I’m crazy?

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