“LOCO” was the first of two music video releases in September 2021, with Yeji and Lia singing the phrase “You got me like cray-cray-crazy in love” which happened to sound just like our reaction to them. Lia stepped out in a purple and yellow—though appearing blue in some lights—plaid ‘fit from Vivienne Westwood. She wore a black wrap-around blazer and a standout yellow and green leopard print dress in other scenes. Ryujin, with hair longer than in “마.피.아. In the morning,” struck a dark and light color balance in a denim jacket with ring holes. Alterations were made to a Stella McCartney sweater, keeping the rainbow and the “SMILE” above her smiley-face denim. She wore the look with her hair styled in pigtails.

Yeji was everyone’s favorite cat girl with space buns, and elsewhere, she opted for a black-and-pink look, emulating those colors in polka dots from Moschino. She sported a patchwork corset dress with different prints, alongside Yuna and Chaeryeong’s patchwork jeans and skirt, respectively. Chaeryeong presented herself as distinguished if not downright presidential in a smart blazer. With a crystal choker and sparkles dripping from her hair, she’d be the most stylish leader of the free world.

Pink won the draw as the dominant unity color, with Yeji’s power move in a matching pink tartan pants and blazer, the latter of which was designed with a heart-shaped hole by AREA. Ryujin’s embellished overtop (also by AREA) and net stockings completed her white and pink look. Yuna, while graceful and angelic in all-white with wings, adopted the Barbiecore trend early with pink platform boots. She understood the assignment — the proof is in the faux-fur jacket, walking dalmatians on a pink leash.


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“SWIPE” premiered three days after “LOCO,” so there are style similarities, like Yeji’s pinkified hair making the hyper-jump from video to video, as she stepped out in a tartan mix of aquamarine, dark blue, and tinges of red. Yuna appeared in a metallic silver puffer with flares, as well as a fuzzy cow print sweater, and elsewhere, she rocked a paisley duo with a butterfly top. Chaeryeong presented herself in groovy plaid pants, but the top half was where she shined, in a pink satin ensemble.

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