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Weight issues ran in James Scott Daniels’ family and he was aware of the challenging road ahead. Fortunately, he had an ideal role model who paved a path for him.


James Scott Daniels before gastric sleeve surgery.

Monmouth County Division of Buildings and Grounds Crew Supervisor James Scott Daniels knew the extra weight he was carrying was beginning to take a toll on his health and overall quality of life. “Forty-years-old in this day and age is still pretty young, and I wanted to enjoy as many years ahead as possible,” James recalls.

James, left, and his father, Clifford, before weight loss surgery.

“My Dad had gastric bypass surgery performed by Dr. Sowemimo in 2015,” James explains. “He has maintained his 150-pound weight loss and still weighs less today than in high school.” Several of James’ co-workers and two family members also had successful surgical weight loss performed by Dr. Seun, making his decision even easier.


“I knew my son could be successful,” recalls Clifford Daniels.

“I offered my advice and firsthand experience and left the rest up to James.”

Today, he follows Dr. Seun’s plant-based nutrition plan which gives him the energy he needs for life and helps him to keep losing weight.


Clifford Daniels, after losing 150 pounds, and James Scott Daniels, after losing 250 pounds. (2022).



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Why bariatric weight loss surgery can be a lifesaver

During James’ pre-surgical testing, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder when breathing stops and starts during sleep. This condition is also common for people diagnosed with obesity and requires ongoing medical care. He was fitted with a C-Pap device to wear over his face while sleeping.

James asked his father for advice before his bariatric surgery. “He said to believe in God, have faith, remain calm and stay focused on your goal every day after your operation.”

In June 2019, weighing 479 pounds, James underwent gastric sleeve surgery and his road back to health began.

James experiences impressive weight loss milestones


“I knew James had a high probability of losing the extra weight because his father had taken the same journey and did extremely well,” notes Dr. Seun.

“At age 39, James was wise to address his weight problem before serious health threats would eventually begin to affect his life.”


By September of 2020, James had made remarkable weight loss progress:

  • 150 pounds lost
  • Pant size – size 56 to 38
  • Shirt size – 7X to XL
  • Sleep apnea – 0 symptoms
  • He can safely wear a vehicle seatbelt

By spring 2022, James had achieved even greater goals:

  • 250 pounds lost (current weight: 231)
  • James received a salary increase when he was promoted to Crew Supervisor and now oversees other employees and 5 county-owned buildings.

“My job requires me to be active and on the move all day long,” James explains. “I am amazed how much less I sweat during simple tasks and I can climb ladders again with no problem.” At 231 pounds, James says he can effortlessly fit into tight spaces and change air filters on the roof without worry.

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Exercise and Meal Planning for a 2 pm to 10:30 PM Work Schedule

“Dr. Seun subscribes to a whole food plant-based diet and I try to follow the same nutrition plan,” James, who also drinks green tea daily, says. But working from 2 pm to 10:30 pm is tricky when it comes to meal planning. James breaks down his weekday schedule:

8:00 am           Weight training focusing on upper body

11:00 am         Green tea, Special K cereal

 04:00 pm        Protein-focused lunch such as a tuna wrap, large salad, grilled chicken

5:00–8:00 pm  If needed, a protein bar or handful of trail mix snack

11:00 pm         Second weight-based workout with green tea

11:45 pm         Shower and bed

(Keep in mind, James monitors his step count at work and averages 12,000 steps daily).

Looking ahead to goal and weight maintenance

James’ journey from 479 pounds to 231 pounds.


“Even today, people I haven’t seen in a while will pass me without a second look,” says the gastric sleeve success story. “When I explain who I am, they can’t stop staring!”


James is happy to share his weight loss story with others and says it gives his life a sense of purpose to inspire others to regain control of their weight.

Today, James isn’t sure how much more weight he will lose, but his new lifestyle is firmly cemented as a daily practice that allows him to fully enjoy life. He continues to take medication for high blood pressure, but that’s his only chronic health issue,

James says his relationship with Dr. Seun has been one of steadfast positivity. “I feel good after my check-ups, regardless of what the scale says,” James says. “Their bariatric staff presents you with all the tools to be successful and get healthy. The ball is in your court and I hope you run with it.”

Ready to start your weight loss journey?

Dr. Seun Sowemimo is a board-certified bariatric and GI surgeon and obesity specialist. He is also the founder of Dr. Seun’s Weight Loss Plan, a personalized online health and weight management course.  specializing in hernia, gallbladder and colon surgery at Prime Surgicare, with offices in Freehold and Jackson, NJ. For prompt in-person or telehealth appointments, call (732) 414-2707.

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