Jenny’s Favorite things for Easier Diabetes Management | Integrated Diabetes Services

Everyone has at least one thing that is their favorite “thing”.

In fact, I’d bet that most people have a favorite item that they use for different parts of life. When I think of all my favorite items, most of them have relevance to how much easier or better they make my life. As diabetes is a part of day-to-day life, I realize a lot of the things I like are also there because they work well with my personal diabetes strategy.

I’ve found the following things over several years and the ones on this list are here because in the long haul they continue to have relevance to my needs or to the needs of all the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with for navigating diabetes management.


I wouldn’t run or exercise without one of the following items in use when leggings are just too warm to wear. These wonderful bands clip around your waist or upper hips and are meant to carry a bunch of stuff without the issue of being bulky or moving while you are running/walking/biking/playing. I also never remove my medical alert ID bracelet and encourage everyone to wear some type of ID.

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