John Fetterman Is a Swiftie

Even John Fetterman made some time for Taylor Swift’s Midnights. Based on his most recent TikTok upload, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and candidate for Senate is a Swiftie.

On Friday (October 21), Fetterman’s team took to TikTok with a perfectly soundtracked jab at his senate opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. For the video, Fetterman used one of Taylor’s newest singles, “Anti-Hero,” which has quickly gone viral for its made-to-meme lyric: “It’s me/Hi/I’m the problem, it’s me.” 

As the lyrics play out, two blocks of text appear on the screen, the first of which read: “The problem is people who run for office only caring about $ + power and not actually caring about people.” A second block of text appears with the words, “I’m the problem it’s me.” The video of Oz has him pointing at both captions, as if acknowledging his status as the referenced problem.

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Further proving his status as a Swiftie, Fetterman captioned the clip with “Oz will leave you On Your Own, Kid,” which was a nod to another new Taylor song.

Taylor Swift fans have taken to the video’s comments, with one user writing, “Best anti-hero use so far,” wrote one follower. Fetterman replied with: “18 midnights until election day.” 

In another comment, a follower wrote, “JOHN THE SWIFTIE???” The Fetterman team again responded, replying, “Gisele says, ‘She doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t a Swiftie.’” The TikTok hasn’t yet caught the attention of Taylor, but we imagine she’s pretty busy.

The TikTok wasn’t the only Swift reference to come from the Fetterman team. In a joke that alluded to Taylor’s frequent limited-edition merch drops, Fetterman’s Twitter account offered followers the chance to get “union-made shorts Swift-ly before they sell out.”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

As Fetterman revealed in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, his campaign has made a deliberate effort to have fun with social media campaigning. “Politics is mean and gets ugly, so I always knew that I wanted to have a little fun with this race, especially since we were running against such a large, absurd personality. But I drew a line early on that we’d always traffic in the truth and never become too mean and nasty,” he said. 

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