Katherine Li releases an appealing music video for her “Miss Me Too” single

Katherine Li is a rising singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Miss Me Too” single. The video finds Li dancing in her bedroom and singing about yearning for a crush who can’t escape her mind.

Katherine Li – “Miss Me Too” music video

“I like to see my songs as a different kind of love song because most love songs are about breakups or being in love. My songs are mostly about what happens when you didn’t break up and you weren’t in love—or you could have been, but it was just one-sided. I don’t hear a lot of songs that talk about that, which is interesting because it seems like there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do about unrequited love.” – Katherine Li explained

‘Miss Me Too’ contains a relatable, in-need-of-love-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with listeners who have experienced being in a fallen relationship. Love is a difficult game, and those who failed to obtain their desired love will relate to this song wholeheartedly.

Katherine Li sings about the frustration of wanting someone who doesn’t want you. “All I do is run in circles. Say, I’m over you in rehearsal. And I know it’s unhealthy but hope I still run through your mind. No question you’re still on mine. Everywhere I go I hope I see you. Put on this dress in hopes that you’d see it and then want me back. There’s no moment when I don’t think of you. And I hope that you still miss me too.”

‘Miss Me Too’ is the lead single from Katherine Li’s debut EP, entitled, “Crush[ed],” via Music Soup Entertainment in partnership with SoundOn. The project was written by Li and produced by Joe Avio.

Katherine Li – “Crush (ed)” EP

Photo by @dan.franco

On “Crush[ed],” Katherine Li shows listeners the evolution of her raw and honest songwriting capabilities since posting videos to TikTok in 2020. The EP is centered around the concept of the cyclic journey of infatuation on an unrequited crush. With “Crush(ed)” out, Li is eager to share fresh material with fans. She’s currently in the process of recording a new batch of songs.

Happening Again, Never Had a Chance, We Didn’t Even Date, and I Don’t Care were released as singles, each receiving millions of streams across various platforms.

Katherine Li – “Never Had a Chance” Lyric Video

‘Never Had a Chance’ is a piano ballad about wanting to give up on waiting for a crush to reciprocate their emotions. To date, the song has gained over 12 million streams, becoming Li’s biggest song to date. “My brain hasn’t fully comprehended that number,” she admits, noting that she’s had “nothing but good experiences” with her loyal and growing fanbase.

Katherine Li – “I Don’t Care” Lyric Video

The singles (apart from “I Don’t Care”) were featured on American Eagle’s music-focused back-to-school campaign for the fall, creating a short film that brings Li’s narrative to life.

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