Katie Keddie and the spiraling indie rock orchestrations of ‘Maybe You Were Right’ (Official Video)


“you’re always a sore loser, never let me win…”

Listening to and watching the Official Video for ‘Maybe You Were Right’ by Nottingham (UK) based singer-songwriter Katie Keddie and it made me think about being alone and how it might sometimes feel lonely but doesn’t compare to the hell of feeling alone while you are standing merely a few feet away from your partner. That is the worst kind of alone. 

Amid a cool shuffling drum beat, snaking bass lines and sliding guitar shapes, Katie’s vocal countenance (offset by acoustic guitars strum and floating synths) feels moody and beautifully earthy and ethereal at the same time. With enchanting keys there is a soul pop vibe to the indie rock movements. There is for me an unmistakable blending of genres that feels so artistically freewheeling so when the track shifts to other worldly bending synths along side a long guitar build up, as bass and drums do their own dance, it feels amazing.  An upcoming album is on the way.

-Robb Donker Curtius

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