Kehlani Shouts Ou Hawaiian Water Protectors At O’ahu Show

While in Hawaii for her Blue Water tour, Kehlani took the opportunity to shout out the work of local Native environmental activists. The former Teen Vogue cover star played a video made by the O’ahu Water Protectors while performing on stage on Thursday night, and encouraged the audience to learn about their work to shut down the Red Hill fuel facility that the U.S. Navy maintains on the island.

Recurring leaks from the Red Hill facility have poisoned O’ahu’s waters, sickening local residents and spoiling eco-habitats. As two young members of the O’ahu Water Protectors wrote in a feature for Teen Vogue this year, “our waters, lands, and sovereignty are threatened by the violent imprint of the U.S. military.”

At Kehlani’s show, members of the organization passed around stickers reading “shut down Red Hill.” And the singer thanked the organizers for helping to “educate” her about the crisis and to “get involved with their actions, and the information that they’re spreading, especially if you are not Native to this land.”

“I want to say thank you for allowing us to receive that really, really beautiful video to raise awareness for Red Hill. These people were very, very gracious in letting me get educated on the topic and putting that video together for me. I just wanna say that anywhere that us – who aren’t from here – can help you, let us know,” she said.

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