Kendall Jenner Is Hurt by “Mean Girl” Misconceptions

Life as a Kardashian-Jenner certainly comes with a lot of public perception, and Kendall Jenner wants to set the record straight about one aspect of personality. 

During a recent episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kendall revealed that she struggles with the public belief that she’s a “mean girl.” As she explained during an interview confessional, “I think one [misconception] that I guess hurts the most is that people think I’m a mean girl. Cause that’s just not the case. It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character, and if only people knew me.”

Kendall admitted that the scrutiny surrounding her family can be “out of hand,” saying, “Anything I do gets hate. I could be walking down the street doing absolutely nothing and somebody always has something bad to say.” 

Later in the episode, Kendall Jenner confessed that she struggles with life in the spotlight, sharing that she would prefer to be “on a farm in Wyoming with a ton of animals.”

The episode also featured Kendall discussing her initial hesitation to invite friends to appear on the show. She said that Keeping Up With the Kardashians made its filming debut when she was in middle school, and “friends at school were a little sus.” 

She said, “They just wanted to come over to be on it, or something like that, so my walls went up then. I also just get uncomfortable. I never want to be like, ‘Hey, do you want to come be on my show?’ I don’t know, it just was like, always kind of weird for me. But I know I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with it.”

This wasn’t the first time that Kendall addressed the negative aspects of fame. She’s been particularly critical of social media, previously telling Vogue, “Something that boils my blood, that really frustrates me and I think upsets me the most is when it’s someone claiming a false narrative for me. The internet … bases things off of such small moments with no context. They don’t know the before or the after and they’ll take that and run with it and then completely judge you off of this one little thing.”

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