Kilough’s ‘States Between’ Brings Listeners Places In A Dreamy Spirit

Kilough’s new EP ‘States Between’ leaves listeners in awe with a modern story about youth, love, and nostalgia.

Kilough, the up-and-coming contemporary folk singer-songwriter from Tennessee, recently debuted her sophomore EP ‘States Between’. The project tells the wistful story of long-distance love in her early 20’s. Encompassing feelings of joy and uncertainty through a folk-pop landscape.

A truly well-traveled, modern story of youth, love, and nostalgia. ‘States Between’ fits the vibe of a feel-good road trip playlist and features previously released singles “What If” and “Follow Me”, as well as a few new favorites.

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Drawing inspiration from artists such as Kacey Musgraves and Noah Kahan, Kilough created the ‘States Between’ EP while traveling across America. From songwriting in Boston, to recording in Atlanta, and adding finishing touches in Los Angeles and Nashville.

“It was so rewarding to see these past few years take on a life of their own through these songs and stories. All the late nights and road trips that went into ‘States Between’ were well worth it. From Carolina to Tennessee, the music always brought me home,” says Kilough.

Stemming from her own experiences, Kilough hopes listeners will hear a little of themselves in her music.

Your Neighborhood Songwriter, Kilough (Ky-low), is an independent artist currently based in Nashville. Featuring influences from folk, country, and pop, she creates an upbeat, refreshing sound that is uniquely her own. Kilough’s life and music have taken her across America. She has performed live shows in Nashville, New York City, Boston, Georgia, and Rhode Island.

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