Kim Kardashian Chopped Her Hair for Milan Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian may have ditched her longer hair, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on the controversial millennial-approved side part

On Thursday (September 22), Kim’s go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton revealed the star has a short new hairstyle. “What are you guys going to the shorter hair and Kim in Milan,” he captioned the image, which showcased Kim’s voluminous look. 

Per the photo, Kim is now sporting platinum blonde hair that hits just below her shoulders. The style features layers and layers of hair, with slightly curled ends and a few choppy, face-framing pieces for good measure. Although Kim’s dyed, lighter shade of hair is sticking around, she’s started to incorporate her natural coloring, and this new look includes some of those darkened roots peeking through.

Robino Salvatore

It’s not immediately clear what inspired Kim to go shorter, but the length is a definite departure from her usual long hair. Chris didn’t share whether the shorter length required actual cutting or the removal of extensions, but either way, Instagram followers are in full support of the look, leaving behind plenty of comments.

Kim Kardashian has been rocking the millennial side part for nearly a month. She previously debuted the controversial deep hair part back in August, wearing her long platinum blonde hair straightened. With the reveal of that hair, Chris championed the side part on Instagram, writing, “Ladies it’s officially back — side and part swag.”

Fall is only just getting started, but it does seem as if side parts could be the season’s trending look. Megan Fox debuted a take on the side part earlier this summer, and since then, celebs including Sydney Sweeney and Kylie Jenner have donned similar spins on the style.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see if Kim sticks with the side part, but for now, she’s definitely making it work.

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