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Kulfi Tiramisu is an Indian fusion dessert layered with ladyfingers dunked in rose-flavored evaporated milk and saffron-flavored pistachio mascarpone whipped cream.

Kulfi Tiramisu (eggless)

Every Diwali I love coming up with Indian fusion desserts. I mean, the traditional desserts are wonderful, but I also love experimenting with new ideas and allowing my creative juices to flow during the holidays. It’s always fun to serve up creative and unique desserts to guests.

One of my all-time favorite fusion desserts is my Ras Malai Mousse. It is popular for a reason – it literally just melts in your mouth.

This year I opted for a similar dessert with a whipped cream-type mousse filling – Kulfi Tiramisu.

What is Kulfi Tiramisu?

Kulfi Tiramisu is a combination of the Indian kulfi treat which is essentially Indian ice cream in combination with the classic Italian Tiramisu.

For the kulfi part – I prepared a light pistachio mascarpone whipped cream flavored with cardamom and saffron.

For the tiramisu part – I simply dunked ladyfingers in evaporated milk flavored with rose water and cardamom.

The next step – combine the layers starting with the kulfi cream, then topping with soaked ladyfingers, then kulfi cream, then the soaked ladyfingers, and finally ending with the kulfi cream layer.

The end result is fantastic, festive, and so delicious. Hope you guys give this easy dessert a try this Diwali. You can also make this recipe around Thanksgiving and Christmas for your holiday gatherings.

Kulfi Tiramisu (eggless)

Why You’ll Love Kulfi Tiramisu

  • Mouthwatering & Delicious
  • Easy to make
  • Eggless Dessert
  • Flavored with rose, saffron, and cardamom
  • If you love Kulfi and Tiramisu, you’ll love this
  • Indian Fusion Dessert
  • A festive treat for Diwali, or any holiday
  • It can be made up to 2 days in advance


  • Heavy Cream – You’ll need heavy cream or heavy whipping cream for this recipe. You can not use light cream or half & half, it won’t work.
  • Mascarpone Cheese – The cheapest place to find mascarpone is at Trader Joe’s, but you can easily find it at any grocery store.
  • Ladyfingers – You can find ladyfingers at any grocery store, but I get mine at Whole Foods.
  • Saffron – Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, a little bit goes a long way. You can easily find saffron at the Indian grocery store, or even Trader Joe’s for $6 – it’s Spanish Saffron and that works.
  • Cardamom – You’ll need powdered cardamom for this recipe which can be found at the Indian grocery store or even Whole Foods.
  • Rose Water – Do not use rose extract, you’ll need rose water for this recipe which is mildly flavored. Rose water can be found at the Indian grocery store or Amazon.
  • Sugar & Powdered Sugar – You’ll need both sweeteners for this recipe.
  • Vanilla Extract – a touch of vanilla is needed to enhance the flavor of the cream layer.
  • Pistachios – Chop your pistachios for this recipe which will be added to the cream layer.
  • Rose Petals – You can easily find edible rose petals on Amazon.
Kulfi Tiramisu (eggless)

How to make Kulfi Tiramisu recipe?

Make Whipped Cream

1. Add heavy cream and powdered sugar to a large bowl.

2. Using an electric mixer, start beating the heavy cream. One minute later you’ll know bubbles will form.

3. A minute later, the heavy cream will become a little thick, but still liquidy.

4. About 30 seconds to a minute later, the heavy cream will turn thick and slightly creamy.

5. 30 seconds later, this is what you have. DO NOT OVER MIX ELSE YOU’LL END UP WITH BUTTER. The whipped cream is ready. Set aside.

Kulfi Tiramisu prepare whipped cream

Make the Pistachio Mascarpone Layer

1. Start by warming up 1 tablespoon of evaporated milk in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then add a quarter teaspoon of saffron. Mix.

2. In a separate bowl, add mascarpone cheese (preferably at room temperature).

3. Then add sugar, cardamom, vanilla extract, and all the milk-infused saffron.

4. Using an electric mixer, blend for 2 minutes until it’s creamy.

prepare mascarpone layer

5. Now add the whipped cream a couple of dollops at a time, and fold it in the mascarpone cheese. Do not mix the whipped cream, but rather fold it in.

6. Keep folding in whipped cream little by little until there is none left.

7. This is what you should have.

8. Now add chopped pistachios and gently fold them in. The Pistachio Mascarpone Whipped Cream is ready.

prepare mascarpone layer

Make Rose-flavored Milk

1. Add evaporated milk, cardamom, and rose water to a bowl. Mix. This will be used for dunking ladyfingers.

rose flavored milk

Assemble Kulfi Tiramisu

1. Gather all your ingredients and grab a mason jar.

2. Start by adding 2 dollops of the pistachio mascarpone whipped cream to the bottom.

3. Break a ladyfinger into 3s, and dip it in the rose-flavored milk, but don’t drench it, just dip it in on both sides and that’s it. If you leave the ladyfinger in too long, it’ll get soggy which we want to avoid. Then layer it on top.

assemble tiramisu

4. Add 3 dollops of the mascarpone whipped cream. Add another ladyfinger – break into 3s. Dunk it in the rose-flavored milk mixture and layer.

5. Then add another 2 dollops of the mascarpone whipped cream.

6. Garnish with crushed pistachios and edible roses. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours and up to 2 days.

assemble tiramisu

Serving Suggestions

For this recipe, I used cute little mason jars and layered the tiramisu directly in the jars, but you can serve this dessert in countless ways.

First, layer the Kulfi Tiramisu in a medium-sized round, rectangular, or trifle glass dish. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours. Then scoop up the tiramisu and serve.

Here are some serving suggestions for serving kulfi tiramisu:


Store the Kulfi Tiramisu in the fridge for up 6 hours before serving. Tiramisu can be made up to 2 days in advance until you are ready to serve.

Pro Tips for Kulfi Tiramisu

  1. Place the mason jars in the fridge for at least 6 hours for the best results. This gives the ladyfingers a chance to soak up the milk and all the mascarpone whipped cream layer flavors.
  2. Do NOT overwhip the heavy cream else you’ll end up with butter. There is a fine line before you have gone too far and end up with butter. You want to whip the heavy cream until the cream is light and stiff peaks form.
  3. Do NOT soak the ladyfingers in the rose-flavored evaporated milk and do not dunk it in more than once. Simply dunk in the ladyfinger and make sure the entire piece is coated, that’s it.


Can I skip the nuts – pistachios?

Yes! If you’re allergic or simply don’t like pistachios, just skip them.

What other nuts would taste good in this Kulfi Tiramisu?

If you don’t wanna use pistachios, almonds or cashews would work well here.

Can I make Kulfi Tiramisu vegan?

No! This recipe uses heavy cream and mascarpone. For a vegan version, you can probably consider using coconut whipped cream and vegan mascarpone – if it exists. I haven’t tried this though.

Is Kulfi Tiramisu gluten-free?

Yes! All the ingredients in this recipe are gluten-free.

Can I use cool whip instead of making whipped cream?

Sure. That should work. Just fold in the cool whip into the mascarpone cheese mixture. With that said, homemade whipped cream is tastier and cleaner than using store-bought.

Kulfi Tiramisu (eggless)

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Kulfi Tiramisu


Kulfi Tiramisu is an Indian fusion dessert layered with ladyfingers dunked in rose-flavored evaporated milk and saffron-flavored pistachio mascarpone whipped cream.Note: 1 mason jar = 2 servings