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Social media has played a part in the development of many projects, and once again it prompts powerful music in the combined work of Lettie and David Baron. Singer-songwriter Lettie notes in her interview with FV Music Blog that the pair met over 15 years ago on Myspace to discuss a song she had written (‘Red’); they eventually met and recorded at David’s home and the Edison Music Cooperation – “the most incredible experience of my life up ‘til then.” Fast-forward several years and we see (or rather hear) Lettie and singer-songwriter/composer/producer David Baron sharing one of their most intriguing singles ‘Escape’.

While this is a combination of their work both Lettie and David Baron have an envious amount of individual experience in the music industry. Lettie has worked with Anthony Philips and John Cooper, while Baron has featured on tracks from Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain, The Lumineers and Shawn Mendes. The one thing they have in common, beyond an astounding musical talent, is their love of unusual instruments. In ‘Escape’, we hear an eclectic arrangement of guitars, drums, strings and synths belying Lettie’s vocals.

Not a fan of categorising music, I would say ‘Escape’ is a bit of a genre-bending song; however, there is a nostalgic flair in the track leaning toward 80s synth-rock and post-punk. Soft, soothing and laidback in a unique way, ‘Escape’ has a hazy ambience in which you could easily become lost. The haunting sensation is felt throughout the melody with an obscure melodic flow. This is particularly interesting as the song has a gentle flow with chilled vibes, but also a nerve-racking tension drifting along the surface.

“I see ‘Escape’ as an escape from our overly complex world into the inner workings of the mind. The violin represents ultimate escape – an untethered climb into the subconscious…” -David Baron on ‘Escape’

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